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“Our AIC consultant used her consulting skills to clarify diverse business objectives and identify gaps in business processes vs. training deliverables. She was able to provide recommendations and guidance because of her ability to develop an in-depth understanding of the client’s business environment and challenges.”

M.H. Senior Consultant, Paragon Solutions


“Our AIC consultant had a keen eye for detail as she developed the training, going above and beyond by letting the process leaders (including me) know about steps in the process that wouldn’t work as intended, and even coming up with solutions for them. She was key to the success of this program.”

J.K. Training and Education Project Lead, Pfizer


“Applied Intelligence Consulting has been instrumental in contributing to the strategy of our team, including how we can improve our operations and build our customer service approach.”

J.E. Associate Director, Accenture


“Our AIC consultant was able to diagnose a business problem and figure out what can be done to improve the situation, rather than just reactively responding to training requests.”

D.B. Senior Director, Pfizer


“I found my AIC consultant intriguingly dynamic in her work and motivation. She has as in-depth ability to analyze situations and provide productive, proactive conclusions and solutions.“

J.S. Principal Consultant, Indegene Lifesystems


“Thanks so much for your invaluable support regarding our training program development. Your experience and knowledge have greatly left a mark by bringing a fresh perspective to training design, content, and delivery.”

J.A. Director, Merck

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