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The Significance of My Business Name

The Significance of My Business Name

Choosing a business name is one of the more challenging aspects of being an entrepreneur. You want the name to be unique, yet meaningful to your clients.  You also don’t want it to become obsolete like “Joe’s Typewriter Repair”. When I was coming up with a name for my consulting business I went through a whole variety of words, ideas, and combinations. I really struggled with this activity and it took me a few months to make a decision.

One of the things that I wanted my business name to represent was what my gift was to share with the world. I love helping people, but I do it in an indirect way. I am passionate about imagining and creating systems that help others become more successful. For example, I help small businesses create a more organized and efficient work environment so managers can spend less time putting out fires and more time doing the work they are passionate about. I also help companies create training programs that allow employees to realize their full potential in the workforce.

So how did these passions lead me to the name Applied Intelligence Consulting?

When I really dug deep on my “why”- I realized that part of my passion has to do with my fascination with people and how much I enjoy discovering each unique gift a person has to share with the world. I like to think of each person’s “gift” as a unique form of intelligence. It could be the lawyer who really understands her client’s emotions when defending them, or maybe it’s the school janitor who is a naturally gifted musician. When an individual taps into his or her unique intelligence and applies it to something…magic happens.  \They gain confidence, they recognize their passion, and they create positive energy that moves them and others around them forward.

Many people use their “gift” every day or are fortunate enough to discover and develop it by working with a business mentor or coach. However, there are a still great number of people who have yet to recognize or fully share their gifts with the world. I am fortunate to help remove obstacles and create solutions that allow individuals the opportunity to practice, reinforce, and apply their gifts.

Everyone has intelligence, its only meaningful to others when it is applied intelligence.

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