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About Us

About Applied Intelligence Consulting

Applied Intelligence Consulting is a management consulting firm that helps clients imagine, create and implement more efficient systems to improve their business operations, processes and people. At Applied Intelligence Consulting, we help clients think strategically about how their business is operating, how employees are performing and ultimately how customers are responding. We objectively help our clients identify and prioritize opportunities for operational efficiency and partner with them to define, document and implement an operational plan, key business processes and employee training programs. A well-defined business system results in greater customer value, more efficient resource utilization, higher quality products and services, accelerated time to market and a strengthened bottom line.

Our Values and Promise

Quality and Consistency

All solutions that we deliver will be professionally crafted and in alignment with your organization’s values and culture.



We will look across your organization and find ways to streamline, minimize complexity, improve use of technology, automate processes and empower employees.



We will always look for an approach to improve your operations in ways that will help you delight your customers.



We promise to help you find ways to maintain and preserve a high level of performance in your organization.

Our Mission

To help our clients create a high performance environment in order to maximize employee potential and achieve greater value in the marketplace.


Our Vision

Transforming organizations into process, performance and value driven enterprises.

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